Access to attic space can be inconvenient and dangerous, yet hundreds of square feet of attic space is available in many homes.  Convenient access to this space can increase the value of the home.

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The Stoaway Lift System stows horizontally in the attic space with no more than 5 feet of clearance to the roof.  When deployed, the supporting column sits on the floor.  The payload is supported by the floor, not the ceiling joists. 

When stowing, the foot lifts vertically off the floor about 1 inch before moving horizontally to protect the floor finish.

A nearby wall mounted wireless remote control keypad allows access and control of the movements of the Stowaway Attic Lift.


"Why climb when you can safely fly."


The payload carrier which is rated for 500 pounds includes a convenient console for an individual to ride the lift up and down from and to the attic space.  Two hands are required to operate the controls. A safety belt is included. An additional  remote control keypad is located in the attic space.

Additional safety features include:

  • Auto stop of carrier if a finger is removed from a keypad.
  • Carrier stops if the sensors detect arms or payload sticking out from the sides of the carrier. 
  • Carrier stops if the sensors detect any object under the carrier when it is going down.
  • Fail safe acme screw drive.
  • Standby battery upon power failure.
  • Emergency manual opening.
  • Simple single motor operation.
  • Replaces most pull down attic ladders.
  • Flashing warning lights and voice to annunciate  Stoaway is stowing and unstowing.