The first Stoaway United States Patent.


"Why climb when you can safely fly."


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The Stoaway Company Intellectual Property
Stoaway is the subject of 6 granted United States and International Utility Patents plus 2 United States 2017 Patent Pending applications:

United States - 8,020,667 B2
Canada - 2649785
United Kingdom - EP20113546
Germany - DE6022007032935-3
France - EP2913546
Poland - EP2013546

The first 2017 Patent Pending application covers the extensive improvements we made to the generation 4 Stoaway unit. These improvements resulted in a lower cost single motor unit that is faster, smoother, with less vibration. This generation 6 Stoaway 500 is our 2017 UL compliant launch unit.

The second is a completely new lower cost wall unit design that will lower our manufacturing cost by 42% per unit, and be compliant with the UL 2889 / 2.5 NON-RETRACTABLE LIFT STANDARD.

When granted these 2 applications will allow us to add more international markets and extend our United States Patent Protection into the year 2037.