"Why climb when you can safely fly."


The 2020 Stoaway Attic Lift 15 Safety Features

With the unit in the closed or stowed position in the attic, and the attic door closed, enter the (Safety Feature 1 / S1) four digit operating code into the residential keypad wall unit and press OPEN.

(S2) Constant pressure on the OPEN / CLOSE / UP / DOWN keys must be maintained on all of the controls for continued operation.  The residential and attic keypads both have an (S3) emergency STOP button.

With the OPEN key depressed, the attic door opens and the column starts to move slowly picking up speed as it descends down the 3 inch rail, slowing as it moves to the vertical position.. At the same time an (S4) audio and (S5) visual warning are activated. With the column in the vertical position and the foot off the residence floor, the platform UNLOCKS, the motor reverses, and the block at the top of the column moves down and transfers the payload to the floor of the residence.

No operating weight or payload placed on the walls or ceiling joists.

As the platform descends a pair of (S6) IR motion sensors at the foot of the column are activated. If the sensors detect an object or person an audio alarm sounds and the platform stops. When the object is removed, press OPEN again and the platform moves down the column, slowing as it approaches the floor, and stopping (S7) 1 inch from the floor of the residence..

After the platform is loaded enter the operating code, press the UP key and the platform ascends to the floor level of the attic.

 As the platform ascends (S8) 2 infrared beams on either side of the door jamb are activated. If an object or person is outside the platforms left or right perimeter the beam is broken, an audio alarm sounds and the platform stops. Press DOWN, clear the obstruction, and press UP to resend the platform to the attic floor level.

To ride the unit into the attic, simply press POWER and UP on the (S9) constant pressure platform controls, the unit will automatically stop at the attic floor level. POWER and DOWN returns you to the residence floor level. Both the motion sensors at the foot of the column, and the infrared beams are active when operating the platform controls.

To close the Stowaway unit, insert the operating code, press CLOSE the audio and visual alarms will activate, from the residence the platform will ascend to a point above the attic floor at the top of the column. The foot of the column will lift off the residence floor, the platform will LOCK, the motor will reveres, and the (S10) infra red sensors are activated, the column will move in an arch into the attic traveling along the 3 inch stowing rail to the stow or CLOSE position,  automatically closing the attic door.  

The unit comes as standard with (S11) a second operating control in the attic, a (S12) back – up power supply, a mechanical means of (S13) unlocking the platform for exiting the attic space, a (S14) cargo strap /  platform safety belt, and a (S15) method of releasing the attic door from the residence or the attic as an emergency exit.