The Solution

The Worlds first fully automatic Stoaway Attic Lift for new or existing homes, that when not being used occupies no residential floor space, and when operating places no weight or vertical load on the ceiling joists or walls.

The unit delivers safe, convenient access to low cost home storage, requiring no physical effort to open, ride, operate or close.

A range of 3 models for ceiling heights of 8 — 10 feet, requiring only 5 feet of attic floor to roof clearance, with a payload of 500 pounds, and a large platform 24 inches wide and 36 inches deep.

The final generation 6 unit is now ready for production with an operating speed of 20 feet per minute, allowing homeowner to open, ride into the attic, descend and close the unit in under 3 minutes.

Powered by a Duff Norton acme screw, the unit is quite, and vibration free, with a "soft take off and landing"for a smooth safe ride.

The 2017 launch unit will have a Wi-Fi linked diagnostic function, to inform Stoaway, the dealer and home owner of any problems.

There will be a range of options including "Roll n' Stow" custom storage containers, a home linked security system "Safe n' Stow", and a patented Wi-Fi inventory memory devise "Stow n' Go" that allows you to locate and retrieve objects electronically.

*3 The Stoaway Attic Lift has been granted both a United States and Canadian Utility Patent, plus 5 International Patents.

With 15 unique safety features Stoaway will be the world's first Underwriters Laboratory "safety certified" attic lift to come to market, and is compliant with the published UL 2889 lift standard.

The Problem

There are more than 70 million private residences in the United States, with an attic, or roof space above the home or garage.

Access to this roof space is by a ladder or folding staircase, which the homeowner climbs thru a 22.5 by 54 inch opening in the ceiling.

A homeowner cannot easily carry an object and securely grasp the ladder or staircase rail. This forces a dangerous choice between carrying capacity and persona/ safety.

Because of this insecurity residents primarily utilize this valuable and conveniently located storage space for items and goods that they use infrequently or on a seasonal basis.

 Yet the desire of Americans to retain and store household goods has resulted in an annual 27.2 billion dollar self storage industry, with over 48,000 rental storage centers across the United States.

*l In 2014 10.85 million American families had so many personnel possessions that they rent "away from home" storage space.

*2 In 2015 the projected size for US "in-home storage" is expected to reach $9 billion, with almost $2 billion devoted to the garage.

A similar problem exists in the professional, commercial, industrial, and retail markets, with companies and corporations renting additional storage space to store products, records, and inventory.

Stoaway has fully developed to production level, a unique patented product that will allow American homeowners too safely, conveniently, and with no physical effort, transport themselves and their possessions, into the space above their home or garage.


"Why climb when you can safely fly."